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Crystal Reports

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2 days

Course Information

Crystal Reports is the primary recommended course you should take if your job responsibilities require you to obtain output from databases. In this course, you will start off building basic list and group reports that work with almost any database. This course is designed for a person who needs output from a database. In some cases, database programs have limited reporting tools, and/or they may not have access to those tools. They may or may not have programming and/or SQL experience.

You will also learn how to create more sophisticated reports like sub-reports, cross-tabs, drill-downs and parameter reports. You’ll also learn how to increase the speed and efficiency of your reports by using server side SQL queries.

Creating A Report

  • Crystal Reports Window
  • Field Types
  • Specify Fields For a New Report
  • Previewing the Report
  • Modifying Field Display
  • Positioning Fields
  • Adding Fields From Additional Tables

Finding, Sorting and Filtering Data

  • Finding Data in an Existing Report
  • Sorting Data
  • Filtering Data

Grouping Report Data

  • Inserting a Group by
  • Adding Group Summaries
  • Formatting Summary Data
  • Changing an Existing Group
  • Adding a Second Group
  • Filtering Groups
  • Creating a Top N Sort

Using Formulas

  • Creating Formulas
  • Editing an Existing Formula
  • Combining Fields by Formula
  • Filtering Data Using Multiple Criteria
  • Modifying a Filter To Include an OR Operator
  • Creating a Parameter Field
  • Using a Formula To Account for Null Values

Formatting Reports

  • Removing White Spaces
  • Page Headers and Footers
  • Adding Borders, Boxes and Lines
  • Changing the Field Background Colour
  • Altering the Margins

Enhancing Reports

  • Adding Watermarks
  • Object Linking and Embedding
  • Using the Highlight Expert
  • Suppressing Report Sections
  • Inserting Hyperlinks
  • Hiding Blank Sections

Creating Pie Charts

  • Create a Pie Chart Drill-down
  • Modifying Chart text
  • Formatting a Chart
  • Charting by Group

Exporting Data

  • Exporting To PDF
  • Exporting To Excel
  • Exporting To Access
  • Exporting a Report Definition
  • Creating Labels

Creating A Running Total

  • Creating a Running Total Field
  • Modifying a Running Total
  • Suppressing the Running Total
  • Resetting the Running Total

Creating Cross-Tab Reports

  • Planning a Cross-tab Report
  • Creating a Cross-tab Report
  • Creating a Specified Group Order
  • Filtering a Cross-tab by Group
  • Changing The Cross-tab Format
  • Conditionally Formatting Rows and Columns
  • Keeping Groups Together

Adding Subreports

  • Inserting a Subreport
  • Linking a Subreport to a Primary Report
  • Editing a Subreport
  • Formatting a Subreport Object
  • Creating an On-demand Subreport

Creating Drill-downs

  • Creating Drill-downs
  • Creating Separate Headings for Drill-down Data

Creating Prompts

  • Creating a Static Prompt with Dates
  • Creating a Dynamic Prompt

Writing Basic SQL Statements

  • Creating a Report Using SQL Queries
  • Summarising Reports Using SQL Aggregate Functions
  • Creating Joins Using SQL
  • Specifying the Join Type

Advanced Charting

  • Creating a Bar Chart
  • Modifying a Chart
  • Formatting a Chart
  • Creating a Chart Template
  • Creating a Top N Chart

Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Knowledge of programming and/or SQL.

There is no formal assessment for this course.

The following will be included in this Crystal Reports training course:

  • Crystal Reports Courseware
  • Course Equipment (if required)
  • Experienced Instructor
  • Certificate
  • Refreshments

Dates and Prices for Crystal Reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does the Crystal Reports course start and finish each day?

The training starts at 9:15am and finishes at 5pm each day.

Our registered office and postal address is 50 Commercial Road, Newport, Gwent, NP20 2PE

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